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Let Battle Commence

Archery is one of the oldest and most respected sports in the world; an ancient art that has been used in some of history’s most famous battles and remains famous to this day thanks to the enduring legend of Robin Hood. But now, the modern archery experience is just target practice- and once you’ve hit one bullseye, you’ve hit them all. Luckily, National Archery have a brand new archery experience that delivers all the thrills that classic archery used to deliver.

We have tons of combat archery locations across the country, which replicate the awesome thrill of an old school war zone, but in a safe, fun environment. The aim of the game is simple; it is a Hunger Games style elimination match, where every player is battling for themselves to be crowned last player standing. These games are fast and furious, so there are various rounds to play before an overall winner can be announced.

Don’t worry, you aren’t going to be firing real arrows through the sky. Instead, you’ll be fighting with our specially designed foam arrows, which you’ll be firing at special 5 disk targets every player will be wearing. It will be the ultimate test of your accuracy and marksmanship, if you can handle firing under intense pressure and arrows from rival players flying in every single direction. Do you think you can handle it?

These games are simple and fun for all ages, so they make for perfect events for a variety of occasions. The minimum age at many of our sites is 8, so they are a great idea for a cracking birthday party. Plus, many sites require a large team number (usually of at least 10), so it is perfect for a group exercise; we can’t think of a more enjoyable corporate event idea, or fun way to kick start a stag/hen do.

From the moment you get on site, you will see exactly why combat archery is the latest sports craze sweeping the nation. You definitely won’t regret taking aim with us.