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Archery Leeds

The largest city in the North and certainly the best, there are plenty of reasons why the locals think Leeds is the best city on earth and why millions of people visit every year. One of them is the wide range of awesome adventure sports locations that are just a short drive away from the centre. None of these sites are better than the plethora of National Archery locations you’ll find spread across West Yorkshire, the city’s home region.

Near the centre of the city, connected via a range of transport links, is our stellar combat archery location. This crazy combat sport is sweeping the nation- and is far closer to the bow and arrow madness of The Hunger Games than any old fashioned Robin Hood adventure! Using our specially designed safe arrows, the aim of the game is to eliminate other players until the last man standing. Think you can beat everybody and be crowned champion? We’d love to see you try.

This is far from the only combat archery battlefield in the region. Take a trip over to Bradford or Cleckheaton and you’ll find more pulse racing war zones where there can be only one winner! After taking part in this game of elimination, you’ll see why it is quickly becoming one of the best loved sports in the UK- no other game delivers action this intense and exhilarating. Just make sure you don’t get knocked out of the competition too early.

But if it is a classic archery experience you’re looking for, head on over to Tadcaster. If you think your bow and arrow skills rival those of Robin Hood, then prepare to be put to the ultimate test. For experienced archers and complete beginners, this is a fantastic day out. With expert training from our on site team, you’ll be hitting the bullseye in no time!

You’ll be missing out on a whole world of adventure if you don’t make the trip to one of our National Archery venues. Book with us today to make sure you can take part in the fun.