Archery Birmingham, West Midlands

  • Sparkhill Archery

    2 miles from Birmingham, West Midlands

    From £ 55.00

    Min. Age 6

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  • Lea Marston Archery

    8 miles from Birmingham, West Midlands

    Do you think you have what it takes to hit the all-important bullseye? Head straight down to our fantastic Lea Marston Archery venue and you'll soon find out!

    From £ 34.99

    Min. Age 10

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  • Coventry Archery

    12 miles from Birmingham, West Midlands

    Equipped with a state of the art bow and arrow, you'll be in for a true test of your aiming abilities from start to finish at our epic Coventry site!

    From £ 25.00

    Min. Age 16

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  • Hanbury, Worcestershire Archery

    16 miles from Birmingham, West Midlands

    Come and put your self-proclaimed Robin Hood skills to the ultimate test at our superb Archery venue in Hanbury - delivering an experience you'll reme...

    From £ 45.00

    Min. Age 12

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  • Warwick Archery

    17 miles from Birmingham, West Midlands

    Looking to show off your self-proclaimed aiming abilities? If so, head on down to our awesome Warwick Archery venue and show us what you're made of.

    From £ 34.99

    Min. Age 10

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  • Stafford Archery

    24 miles from Birmingham, West Midlands

    When you take part in Archery in Stafford, it’s time for a true test of your aiming abilities as you set your sights on hitting that all-important bullseye!

    From £ 18.00

    Min. Age 8

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Archery Birmingham

The UK’s “Second City” and the largest in the Midlands, Birmingham is perfectly located in the middle of England to attract millions of visitors passing through from the North, South and Wales every year. But what all these visitors are missing out on is an adrenaline fuelled day out, hidden away from view and waiting to be discovered by action fanatics everywhere.

National Archery has a range of venues across the Midlands, all just a short drive away from the centre of Birmingham. Closest to the city is our classic Archery venue in Hanbury, Worcestershire, where you can unleash your inner Robin Hood and show us what you’re made of with a bow and arrow. With bows tailor made to your strength, our team will be on hand to make sure you get that all important bullseye!

Just a tiny bit further away in Atherstone, Warwickshire, you can find one of the premier archery challenges in the Midlands. Archery enthusiasts claim our range is one of the best in the country and we’d have to agree. With qualified experts on hands to give up professional training before you show us what you’re made of, we aim to transform you into nothing less than a superstar archer. You’ll definitely want to return for round two after that.

Finally, why not take up the archery challenge at Lount, Leicestershire, which really will put your bow and arrow skills to the test. This is without a doubt one of the best adventure sports locations in the region, so you’d be foolish to miss out on all of the thrills here.

Birmingham may be Britain’s second city, but it should be your first port of call for archery action! Book with National Archery today and get ready to hit your target.