Closest venues to Scotland

Below are the 200 nearest locations to Scotland.

  • Glasgow South Combat Archery

    Min. Age 12
    ** most popular
    Take part in the bonkers new sport of Combat Archery which magically combines all the adrenaline-filled thrills of dodgeball with the ancient art of Archery!
  • Kirkcaldy, Fife Archery

    Min. Age 10

    The ancient sport of archery has tested man's skill and courage for centuries from back in the time when facing heavily armoured knights and charging horses to slightly more modern day hunting various wild beasts throughout America and Africa. Don't worry, you won't have to put yourself though any dangers like this, but you will feel the excitement and appreciate the skill as you release your arrows in to the targets a distance away. You will wonder how Robin Hood ever got so good or if the stories have been exaggerated a little!