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  • Exeter, Stoke Woods Archery

    From £26.00 pp Min. Age 12

    commute 2 miles from Exeter, Devon

    Perfectly placed on a whopping 120-acre site in the heart of the stunning Devon countryside, our superb Exeter Multi-Activity venue is the ideal place...

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  • Dawlish, Devon Archery

    From £27.00 pp Min. Age 14

    commute 8 miles from Exeter, Devon

    Set in Devon's glorious rolling countryside, and using our unrivalled range of outdoor activities, we design action packed events that are memorabl...

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  • Exeter Archery

    From £27.99 pp Min. Age 11

    commute 11 miles from Exeter, Devon

    If you fancy yourself as the next Robin Hood, our excellent Archery venue in Exeter is the perfect place to put your aiming skills to the ultimate test.

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  • Taunton, Somerset Archery

    From £27.99 pp Min. Age 8

    commute 23 miles from Exeter, Devon

    The Somerset countryside is the perfect setting for an archery experience, and this spectacular venue is the ideal place to unleash your inner archer.

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  • Highbridge, Somerset Archery

    From £29.99 pp Min. Age 7

    commute 42 miles from Exeter, Devon

    With tailor-made areas for archery, axe throwing and air rifle shooting this spectacular venue in the heart of the Somerset countryside is the perf...

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  • Axbridge Archery

    From £26.00 pp Min. Age 8

    commute 49 miles from Exeter, Devon

    Set your sights on unleashing your inner Robin Hood in the heart of the charming Somerset countryside. Time for you to show us exactly what you’re made of!

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Archery Exeter

Surrounded by hundreds of miles of beautiful Devon countryside, it often feels like Exeter is far away from anything exciting. With millions of tourists flooding the region every year to get some peace and quiet away from the stress of the city, it begs the question, where are Exeter’s thrill seekers supposed to go? Luckily, National Archery have a handful of shooting ranges lying just minutes away from the city, so you don’t need to look any further.

If you haven’t experienced the thrill of archery before, then you’re going to love going to Dawlish and taking part in the pure adrenaline rush. Our site offers an introduction to archery course, which will turn you into a mini Robin Hood, with the help of our team of trained experts. You’ll also be using the latest and greatest equipment, ensuring this is a thoroughly modern spin one of the world’s most ancient sports.

This isn’t the only archery experience nearby. For both beginners and more professional marksmen, you’ll definitely love hitting some targets with us at our Taunton site. Here, you’ll be taking part in pure, unadulterated archery action. With the latest bows and expert tuition, by the time you leave us, you’ll be an unbeatable force to be reckoned with. If this isn’t enough to satisfy your hunger for action, we offer a thrilling archery and clay shooting package here too- two thrilling target sports, together at last!

Back down in Devon, we are also in quick striking distance from a fantastic archery range in Barnstaple. Our first rate facilities include an all weather firing point, as well as a variety of different targets that will put your bow and arrow skills to the ultimate test. Don’t worry- with the top notch tuition you’ll receive from us, you’ll be reigning arrows down on each and every target placed in front of you in no time.

With all these thrills and many more just a short drive from Exeter, it goes without saying that National Archery is the perfect location for a much needed adrenaline rush. You’ll regret it if you don’t book with us today.